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Penny Kemp

Greens take local politics seriously and Penny Kemp is well known for her community work.

Penny has consistently demanded better environmental standards in new developments arguing for rainwater harvesting and solar panels as standard in new buildings. She sits on the Sustainable Energy Partnership and was instrumental in helping to steer through the new Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill, despite Tory backbench opposition.

Penny understands the frustrations of people who want to live in rural areas but cannot afford to.

Penny is also keento improve recycling facilities and would like to see Maidstone adopt plastic recycling and compact disc recycling. Penny would like to see the planning regulations become easier for those that want to install environmental measures such as wind turbines to generate their own electricity.

Penny Kemp has lived in Headcorn for 30 years and her children attended the local schools. She is a writer and broadcaster and has published five books on environmental issues. She was recently voted one of the top 100 people in Kent who have made a difference in the county.

She is a founder of Headcorn Sustainability Group and has been in the Green Party for over 25 years. She has been National Chair of the Green Party and is currently the national speaker on the environment and rural affairs and the Party's External Communication Coordinator.


Penny Kemp