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Real Green Transport Plan for Maidstone

Maidstone Green Party launches rival transport plan in face of Kent County Council plans to increase traffic in Maidstone through a series of junction “improvements”. The Greens were dismayed to learn that KCC’s proposals to reduce congestion only include improvements to road junctions and make no mention of other methods of transport.

Donna Greenan, lead campaigner for Maidstone: “Maidstone is far too reliant on the car, which causes congestion and pollution, which in turn causes ill health amongst its residents. Our infrastructure has all been built around the car and we continue to build large out-of-town housing developments where people require cars to travel around. We need to rethink our entire system of housing and transport to ensure that in future we can travel and live in a carbon neutral way.

“KCC are making the same mistakes that were made with the gyratory system all over again. We know that more roads simply mean more cars, and not smoother traffic flow.”

“That’s why Maidstone Green Party are launching our own list of transport proposals which focus on giving people the option of other methods of transport, therefore reducing the number of cars on our roads.”

The Plan is available here:

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