KCC support removal of Maidstone's only cycle lane across the River Medway as supermaket plan is passed

7 July 2014

Maidstone Greens have slammed the decision by the Planning Inspector to allow a new supermarket on St Peters Street in Maidstone and have strongly criticised KCC for supporting the removal of the only cycle lane across the river. The Planning Inspector has upheld the appeal for the supermarket which will see a 54% increase in traffic in the area as well as significant loss of pavements used by school children and the loss of the cycle lane.

In allowing the supermarket to go ahead, the Planning Inspector stated that KCC gave "no highways or transportation objection to the application" to the supermarket plan on St Peters Street.

Stuart Jeffery: "I was shocked to learn that KCC did not object to turning the only cycle path across the River Medway in Maidstone into yet another lane for cars to use. Cyclist have a tough time in Maidstone already but we will soon be unable to cycle from one side of the town to the other without using an extremely busy and dangerous road.

"I also cannot understand how KCC did not object to plan which will increase traffic by 54% in a known area of congestion, that would see the removal of the only cycle lane across the river and that would see the pavement which is used by thousands of children to access to the local schools cut in half."

"Either KCC failed to understand the implications of the plan or they failed to assess the plan properly. In a short time cyclists, wheelchair users and pedestrians will be severely disadvantaged in Maidstone."

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