Maidstone Greens join London march in the biggest Climate Change event in England's history

3 December 2015

Maidstone Green Party were among more than 50, 000 demonstrators that marched from Hyde Park to Whitehall in London. The event was one of 2,500 similar demonstrations around the world that has thought to include over 570, 000 people.

The demonstration comes ahead of a conference in Paris, dubbed COP21, amongst 147 heads of state and government to set a limit for carbon emissions.

To have so many gathered together for such an important cause sends a strong message to our heads of state. Nothing is more important to a sustainable future than committing to act on Climate Change. Maidstone Green Party are proud to have been among such numbers this weekend to back that message.

Stuart Jeffrey, speaking for Maidstone Green Party, said - "2015 is set to break all records and be the hottest year on record globally. The world is at a tipping point and unless a political agreement can be reached to limit climate change to 2 degrees then the consequences will be cataclysmic.

Future generations need a planet that is inhabitable and that means we need to act now. I was proud to march with fellow Greens as part of a 50,000 strong crowd to send a clear message to world leaders that they need to act urgently."