24 April 2016

Maidstone Green Party is standing in every seat in the Borough ensuring that everyone has the chance to vote Green on May 5th. We have put forward a radical set of goals for a Green Council including a car-free day in Maidstone once a year to truly promote alternatives to driving as part of their bid to tackle air pollution that kills 130 people in Maidstone each year. Plus we will continue our fight against the ideologically driven austerity and against the building of executive homes on farm land around the town, calling instead for affordable homes close to public transport and jobs.

Our platform is one of environmental and social justice. We want to see significant reductions in the number of people dying in Maidstone each year from air pollution. We have real ideas to reduce traffic levels including better facilities for walking and cycling and we want to have a car free day once a year to demonstrate what a difference this can make. We are opposed to the ideological cuts to public services imposed by the Tories and Lib Dems. The 5th richest economy in the world can afford to support its citizens properly and we will fight the cuts to much needed services such as the Dorothy Lucy Centre.

And we want to end the Lib Dem / Tory / Labour pact of building huge numbers of ridiculously expensive houses on green field sites around the town. We want the focus of new homes to be for younger people and those in need. These homes need to be affordable and close to public transport and jobs, not miles out of town where you need a car to reach anything."

Six promises from Maidstone Green Party:

  • House building in Maidstone will aimed at younger people and others in need of homes rather than unaffordable sprawling executive homes across fields and around our villages.
  • Real action on air pollution which kills 130 people each year in Maidstone: investment in walking, cycling and buses to reduce the amount of traffic on our roads.
  • Communities will thrive, not destroyed by ideologically driven austerity.
  • Your Green Vote WILL fight the closure of much needed public services such as the Dorothy Lucy Centre; we are the only party opposing the privatisation of the NHS.
  • Maidstone to move from its focus on retail, broadening the range of jobs and focusing on creative arts, music and media.
  • Maidstone will become a great place to live and work but only the Green Party has the ideas and political will to make this happen.

Your candidates:


Ward name



Guy Tanner


Ben Knowles


Ciaran Oliver

Boughton Monchealsea

Caroline Jessell


Hannah Patton


Donna Greenan


Mike Summergill


Ben Darlington


Ian McDonald


Derek Eagle


Geoff Wilkinson

High St

Gareth Phillips


Jim Shalice


Wendy Eagle

North Downs

Barbara Neill


Belinda Bassett

Shepway North

Steve Muggeridge

Shepway South

Stuart Jeffery


Steve Cheeseman