29 May 2016

Maidstone Greens have been appalled to learn that residents are facing eviction from a town centre block of flats in Pudding Lane. The Greens are backing the local residents' association, STARC, in their call for help to fight the social housing giant Riverside Housing Association. STARC are 'crowdfunding' to pay for professional and legal help; crowdfunding is a system where many small donations help fund a much needed cause. Their website is http://www.starc.org.uk/ or goto the STARC facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/wethetenants

Stuart Jeffery, Secretary of Maidstone Green Party: "I am appalled that key workers who have lived in the building in Pudding Lane since it was turned into social housing six years ago are facing eviction with no clear reasons being given. The residents need help to fight this and they have set up a group called STARC and are crowd funding to pay for professional and legal help. We are urging people to pledge help with donations via their website.

Gareth Phillips, High St Ward campaigner for Maidstone Green Party: "Homeless has increased ten fold in Maidstone in the past 5 years and now we have a social housing landlord Riverside Housing Association prepared to make this problem even worse. Tackling the rise of homelessness in the borough is an urgent need, one that social housing landlords should be helping to tackle, not making it worse. We must stand shoulder to shoulder to prevent this community being evicted.”

Stuart Jeffrey and Gareth Phillips join Derek Fenton Cox, Secretary of STARC

Photo: Stuart Jeffrey, Derek Fenton Cox - Secretary of STARC and Gareth Phillips