22 January 2017

A leading Maidstone Green, Steve Cheeseman the local party’s campaigns officer, has started a Maidstone Anti-Racist Network to respond to the increasing threats towards Muslims in Maidstone. The group will organise peaceful counter protests against future attempts by racist groups such as Britain First and the South East Alliance when they try to intimidate Muslims.

The group has attracted almost a hundred members in its first few hours.

Steve Cheeseman, Maidstone Green Party’s Campaigns Officer: “The Maidstone Mosque has seen two racist groups demonstrating outside it this month which is unprecedented here and I think we need to make sure that there is a peaceful response against these thugs.

“Their attempts to intimidate local Muslims are not welcome and we want to show them just how welcome our Muslim friends are in Maidstone.

“I managed to get to the mosque today and disrupt their protest a little but this new group, which is open to all Maidstone people who don’t want racists intimidating others, will help us organise more quickly and get a greater response if there is a next time.”