28 January 2017

Maidstone Greens have reacted angrily to the news that Maidstone has the 19th highest rate of rough sleepers in England out of 326 local authorities. They are calling on Maidstone Borough Council to take immediate action to provide much needed short term shelter for rough sleepers and to make longer term provision for affordable homes.  

Stuart Jeffery, Maidstone Green Party: “It is truly shocking to see that Maidstone has one of the highest rates of rough sleepers in the country. The council should be ashamed of itself. We are calling on them to take immediate action to reduce rough sleeping in Maidstone.

“Their lack of funding for short term shelters in the town is has to be reversed immediately. Organisations such as Porchlight, the Maidstone Day Centre and the Maidstone Churches Winter Shelter do excellent work but this is work that the council should be doing rather than relying on charities. Clearly the council is failing.

“The council’s focus on building executive homes on the periphery of the town must be reversed too. The need is for affordable homes near to where the jobs, shops and public transport links are.

“Maidstone Greens have campaigned tirelessly to reduce homelessness. It is time that the council took some real action too.”



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