29 July 2017

Maidstone Greens have demanded that there are no cuts to local breast feeding services that are vital for the health of children. Kent County Council have announced that they are cutting a £400k service that provides support across the county shortly after the news that they have voted themselves a 15% pay rise.

Kimmy Falconer, Maidstone Green’s spokesperson for women and children: “KCC should be investing in the future not cutting services that are vital for children’s health while lining their own pockets with a huge pay rise.

“Breastfeeding is one of the most important ways to ensure babies get exactly the right nutrition and develop a strong immune system yet not all mothers are able to breast feed without help and support.

“Denying mothers and children this service by cutting the funding will damage the health of babies. Simply expecting health visitors to pick up the service without providing them without the resources and staff is ludicrous and dangerous. We are urging people across Maidstone to respond to KCC’s consultation and tell them not to cut the service.”

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