30 October 2017

Maidstone Greens have slated the newly adopted local plan as a plan for the rich, not those in real need of homes. They have stated that the impact on air pollution and congestion will be significant.

Stuart Jeffey, Maidstone Green Party: “This is an unsustainable plan for sub-urban mansions that will do nothing to help relieve the housing crisis for young people and those in need.

“Just 10% of new homes are planned for the centre of town, yet this is where jobs and transport link are. People moving to the out of town developments will need cars and will significantly increase the gridlock and pollution in the town.

“Only around 20% of the homes are designated as affordable[1]. The majority of these will be out of town where people will need to have the added expense of a car. This makes this a plan for the rich, not those in need.

“We called for the vast majority of new homes to be high density, close to jobs and transport links and affordable. We have identified enough un-used brown field sites in Maidstone to deliver new homes that meet the real need of people. Sadly we were not listened to when the Lib Dems, Labour and Conservatives all back this appalling plan.”

[1] 5,800 “affordable homes” out of 18,000 but 30% of these are deemed as intermediate affordable house, i.e. a higher cost and therefore not truly affordable. Therefore 22% affordable.