30 December 2017

Stuart Jeffery, Maidstone Green Party: “The £5.7m spent on the gyratory system has turned out to be as big a waste of money as we said it would be and it has made no difference to the traffic in Maidstone. The only impact it has had is to make it far harder for pedstrians with the closure of subways and crossings.

“The Lib Dems who approved this should be ashamed of themselves. We repeatedly called on the council to put the funds into traffic reduction rather than funding a scheme which would have encouraged more traffic – if it had worked. We wanted dedicated bus lanes including one from Park Wood to the centre of town, proper cycle lanes and better pavements.

“With Maidstone’s air pollution killing over 100 people each year we need a radical shift away from cars, something the gyratory was never going to achieve. Sadly people will continue to die until the Lib Dem led council wakes up to the problem.”