8 January 2018

Maidstone Green Party has been shocked to learn that 93% of Maidstone Borough Council’s run on diesel. 108 of their 116 vehicles are run on diesel. The Lib Dem run council, which has been in breach of air pollution laws and has consulted on how to improve air quality in Maidstone, has been firmly criticised by the Greens.

Stuart Jeffery, Maidstone Green Party: “I was truly shocked to learn just how little they have done to reduce air pollution in Maidstone. An easy first step would have been to put their own house in order. The problem with diesel has been known about for years yet the council are running almost all of their vehicles on it.

“Over 100 people die each year in Maidstone as a result of air pollution, the council is in breach of air pollution laws and data show that pollution in some places is a bad as central London.

“Despite rhetoric from the Lib Dem council it is clear that they are disinterested in the health of people in Maidstone and have no intention of showing any leadership in the fight to reduce emissions.”