5 October 2018

Maidstone Greens have relaunched their Twitter account with a campaign against pavement parking in the town. Pavement parking was highlighted by many to the Greens during this year’s local election and Maidstone Green Party are now asking the public to tweet pictures of inconsiderate pavement parking to them @greenmaidstone with the hashtag #maidstonepavementparking

Donna Greenan, lead campaigner for Maidstone: “We are asking Maidstone Borough Council to make Traffic Regulation Orders to prevent pavement parking. Residents with disabilities and families with pushchairs are being put at risk as they are forced into the road and this is unacceptable.”

Maidstone Greens have tweeted to the council a picture of one of their vans parked completely on the pavement and the council have refused to respond.

Donna continues: “In addition to the safety of local residents we are concerned about the cost of repairs to cracked and damaged pavements when the council are busy cutting local budgets. We are encouraging people to contact the council and to tweet us pictures of inconsiderate parking @greenmaidstone.”