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Stockbury Roundabout changes breach the Paris Agreement

By stuartjeffery | 18 November 2020

Presenting to the Public Inquiry into the proposed changes to Stockbury Roundabout today, Maidstone Greens have criticised the plans stating they are incompatible with the Paris Agreement on climate change and that the funds would be better spent on public transport provision along the route. Stuart Jeffery, Maidstone Green Party: “I was pleased to be able […]

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Use brownfield sites for housing in Maidstone

By stuartjeffery | 10 November 2020

Maidstone Greens are calling on the Borough Council to rethink their strategic housing plans in light of the new report from CPRE on brownfield site availability. The Council’s own assessment highlights around 100 hectares available for housing in the Borough, potentially providing ten thousand affordable new homes for those in need. Mike Summersgill, the Green’s […]

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Maidstone Borough Council’s Climate Plan is a “Strategy for Failure” and should resign

By stuartjeffery | 21 October 2020

Local Greens have slammed Maidstone Borough Council’s Climate Change and Biodiversity Strategy as a strategy for failure and have called for the wholesale resignation of the council. They state that Council’s plan lacks specificity and has targets far lower than needed. They criticise the Council for ‘encouraging’ and ‘supporting’ rather than taking decisive action. Stuart […]

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Maidstone Borough Council are planning a huge number of very large houses on farmland around the town.

These are unnecessary and do not meet the real housing need for affordable and social housing.

They are not close to jobs and transport and will just increase traffic on the already choked roads.

We face chaos: worsening air pollution, not enough homes for those in need and destruction of much needed farmland.

But there is an alternative...

The Green Party are demanding a new approach to strategic planning which truly involves local people. An approach that protects green spaces, reduce pollution and that will meet local housing need.

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