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Record vote in Maidstone’s local elections

First the Green Surge now the beginnings of the Green Wave. Maidstone Greens had its best local election ever despite missing out on one seat by just 7%. The local Greens polled an average of 12% across the borough, a higher vote share than Labour, and the third biggest vote share of any party in Maidstone. Across Kent the Greens gained 15 seats, including 6 in Folkestone and 2 in Swale which unseated the leader of the council. Nationally the Green Party have gained 194 council seats and have 362 Councillors on a record 122 councils.

Steve Cheeseman, North Ward candidate: “Its heartbreaking to narrowly miss out in North Ward, but I’m really pleased to have increased our vote share so massively. Its been great meeting so many local people on the doorstep, my thanks to all those who voted Green. This clearly shows that there is a desire for more Green policies and a different style of politics in Maidstone. I will continue campaigning in the area, with a view to winning next time.” 

Stuart Jeffery, Secretary of Maidstone Greens: “This was an outstanding election and puts us in a very good place for next year. We will be working tirelessly until then to ensure that there are Greens on the council giving our unique voice to the people of Maidstone.”

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