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20mph Buckland Hill

Local Greens have warmly welcomed proposals for a 20mph zone to be created in the Buckland Road / St Peters Street / Buckland Hill area but we want the rest of the town to be 20mph on all residential streets.

Donna Greenan, Bridge Ward campaigner: “This scheme is very welcome and I hope that KCC agree to implement it. We have campaigned vigorously for 20mph limits for many years and it is good to see them being increasingly implemented.

“The rest of Maidstone’s residential area now need to follow suit.”

The consultation is available here:

Greens have listed the following benefits of 20mph limits:

  1. Lower speeds reduce casualties and lower limits reduce speeds.
  2. Popular with residents (over 70% in most surveys)
  3. Speeds reduce even without traffic calming measures
  4. Pollution is reduced

See for more information.

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